Discovering Hercule Poirot

It was very recently that I chanced upon an Agatha Christie in my husband’s library. Having tried one of her books in school and rejected it as not being my cup of tea I put it aside.

But enough convincing by dearest hubby made me give it another go. So what I started with was ‘Five Little Pigs’. And boy was I hooked. I soon followed it with ‘Murder In Mesopotamia’‘Taken at Flood’‘Death on the Nile’. All from the Hercule Poirot series.

M. Hercule Poirot, a small bald Belgian man with highly refined manners – is not probably how we usually imagine a detective. But with one book you start admiring his way of analysing a mystery, reading the nuances in human behaviour, his shrewd ways of getting information and asking the right questions, not giving up till all the pieces of puzzles fit in logical and finally the big showdown. Where he gathers an audience and step by step explains the mystery, the killing, why it was done and finally who did it. A little vain but very enjoyable.

I intend to read all the books in this series in the next couple of months. The books vary in the quality of suspense created but still are interesting enough that you would want to read them in one go.

I realise that Agatha Christie novels are well read around the world. But inspite of being an avid reader I just discovered this jewel. And for all those who haven’t yet discovered them I insist that you try them!

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